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Transferring a Lease in Stamford

There are a number of ways to end a lease. The first, and most common, is to let your lease die “naturally,” according to its original terms. In other words, to simply fulfill the terms of the lease as written.

Another way is to end your lease early, a choice that sometimes comes with penalties.

But a third way is a way in which not only you but a third party both benefit. This method is called a “lease transfer.” We’ll explain how that works below…;

What is a “Lease Transfer”?

Sometimes people lease a vehicle only to find out, after time passes, that they’d have been better off leasing a different type of vehicle. Or sometimes people’s needs simply change. People marry and have children. People divorce. People take up new hobbies and interests that require hauling equipment. Imagine a 25-year old man who leases a sporty little coupe for three years – and then marries, has a baby on the way, and who’s taken up drumming in the meanwhile and formed a new band. That sexy little coupe isn’t going to serve him well when he needs to install a car seat for the baby, or haul his drum kit to a gig. Now he needs a van, minivan, or SUV.

Well, that man isn’t out of luck. He can always do a lease transfer. A lease transfer is the transferring of your lease to a third party, who then takes over that lease and all the responsibilities that go with it. For every person who needs to get out of a coupe and into an SUV, there’s someone else who’d love to have that coupe he’s trying to get out from under. What we at Stamford Car Leasing do is get together the person who’s wanting out of a lease, with a person who’s wanting to lease the vehicle that person’s wanting to get rid of. Assuming someone else’s lease allows someone to have a new-to-them lease while not having to make any down payments or assume the responsibilities of a full lease. And the person transferring the lease is freed-up to get a vehicle that better suits his new situation. Everyone wins!

If You’re Wanting to Do a Lease Transfer – or Want to Assume Someone Else’s Lease

If you’re wanting to do a lease transfer, give us a call and let’s figure things out! We have lists of people wanting to enter into a lease transfer, and one of them just might have his eyes on the car you’re wanting to leave behind.

If you, on the other hand, you are wanting a new car, but don’t have money for a down payment, or if you don’t want to take on the responsibilities of a full term lease, we can help find you someone who might have the exact sort of vehicle you’re wanting. All you have to do after finding someone willing to enter into a lease transfer with you is to take over the remaining payments and stay under any mileage limits. No down payments, no full term lease.

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If you’re wanting to end your lease, or if you’re wanting to assume someone else’s lease, give us a call at 203-295-3030 and let’s “get ‘er done”! We look forward to meeting you!